NBLC Update on the 2020-21 Season

NBLC Update on the 2020-21 Season
After announcing that it would be resuming play in late December, NBL Canada board of directors unanimously voted to further postpone its return to a tentative start date of March 12th, 2021 as a result of ongoing safety concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The league expects to limit the number of games under a reduced schedule with limited fans inclusive of safety protocols such as physical distancing and other measures focused on minimizing the risk of transmitting the virus as much as possible.

"There's no question that we are eager to return to the court and play again but we won't take any risks and will only do so in a safe environment to ensure that our players, fans and teams remain protected," said Deputy Commissioner Audley Stephenson. He added, "We also want to make sure that all provincial and federal guidelines regarding health and safety are met. We look forward to getting back on the court and having an amazing year!"

Further details regarding season structure, the number of games to be played and playoff format will be made available upon release of the 2020-21 NBL Canada regular season schedule.
For more information, please visit nblcanada.ca.

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